This Bell Tolls For Thee

Two shuttles, size 12 perle cotton
Glass bell ornament

Row l Two shuttles
LR12-12. RW
Ch 5-3-3-5 + (join to p in LR w/ sk) SS
*S2 R5-3-3-5.
R5+( to 3rd p of prev. R)3-3-5.
R5+( to 3rd p of prev. R) 3-3-5. SS
S1 continue chain Ch 5-3-3-5 join to base of LR RW
Ch 5-3-3-5 RW
LR 12-12. Turn ring down but leave tatting upright
Ch 5-3+ (to center p in adjacent chain) 3-5 + (to p in LR) SS*
Continue working pattern between *'s until it fits snugly around bell. (My bell has 11 pattern repeats but your tatting can have more or less)

Row 2
All chain row, shuttle and ball (for continuous thread, tie on about 15" from ball onto shuttle thread.)
Join to any center p of previous row.
Ch 6-3-3-6+ (to next p around)

Row 3 R5-5. R5-5. RW
*Ch 3-3+ (to center p of prev. row)3-3
R5+ (to p of prev. R) 5. R 5-5. RW*
Continue pattern between *'s joining last Ring to p of very first ring, then Ch 3-3+3-3. Cut and tie to base of first Ring.

Row 4 R5+ ( to joined p in any group of two) 5. R 5+ (to next group of two) 5. RW
*Ch 3-3-3-3 RW
R5+ ( j to same p forming group of 4) 5. R5+ (to next group of 2) 5. RW * Continue between *'s around, joining last ring to first group of three, ch 3-3-3-3. Cut and tie to base of first ring.

Bottom: Shuttle only, tucking in end, R 2-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-1 (or # of patterns formed) close ring leaving 18" thread attached for lacing bottom. Join with sk into first p and lace bottom. ( Larger bottom R 3-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-1 ) Note: bottom lacing holds tatting in place. Top lacing not necessary.

Top: Ball & Shuttle R3-3-3-3. RW *Ch 2-2 RW R3+(to 3rd p of prev. R) 3-3-3. RW* Continue around joining last ring to first ring, form ending chain leaving 20" thread for lacing, tie to base of 1st ring.

For a list of abbreviations, click here.