Classic Ornament

Size 12 Perle cotton or size 40 Cordonnet, two shuttles
30 Rochelle beads if wanted. This requires a size 14 or 15 crochet hook or a piece of wire. (Small crochet hooks available from better yarn shops or LACIS (see supplies)
Directions include Split Ring Tatting but daisies can be formed individually.
Split ring tatting allows you to make them in a continuous ring.

Row 1 - R10-5-5-10. RW Ch 2-2
R10+ (to 3rd p of prev. R) 5-5-10. RW Ch 2-2 continue until 15 rings & chains are formed, joining last round to first.

Row 2 (shuttle & ball)
R3-3-3-3+ (to any center p of prev. row) 3-3-3-3. RW
Chains for this row. Ch 4 first half of double knot only, then 4 of second half of double knot 4 times (32 half stitches), p (form p but don't use second half of double knot), repeat for 32 more half stitches. RW. R3-3 Join bead (slip on crochet hook with hook facing away from you, hook picot and slide bead onto picot, rotate hook and join normally) 3-3+ (to p of prev. row) 3-3-3-3. Continue around joining last R to first with a bead. (you can do it!)

Row 3
Split ring row, 2 shuttles
1-Shuttle 1 R3-6-6-3.
2-R3+6-6-3. (to last p of prev. R)
3-R3+6-6-3. (to last p of prev.R)
4-R3+6-6-3. "
5-R3+6+6-3. (j first as prev. then j to p of prev. row)
6-Split ring R3+6, Shuttle 2 (lark head knots ) 3+ (w/ slip knot) 6 close

1-Split ring Shuttle 1, R6-3 Shuttle 2 (Lark head knots) 6-3.
2-Shuttle 1 R3+ (to last p of prev. R) 6+(to p of prev. row) 6-3. RW
3-Shuttle 2 (Directional Work. Form square knots by doing second half first, then first half) R3+ (to last p of split ring) 6-6-3.
4-R3+ (as previously) 6-6-3.
5-R3+ ( " " ) 6-6-3.
6-Split ring - Shuttle 1, R3+6 Shuttle 2 (lark head knots) 3+6.(j using slip knot. Continue until 15 daisies are formed joining last daisy to first daisy.

Row 4 Using shuttle & ball (for continuous, wind about 1 yard on shuttle as this is an all chain row)
Join to any picot in daisy that's available. Ch 2-4-4-4-4-2+ (to next daisy)
*Ch 2+ (to last p formed in prev. chain)4-4-4-4-2* Continue pattern between *'s around.

Row 5 Using shuttle & ball ( for continuous, wind another yard on shuttle)
Join thread at middle picot above daisy. Ch2-4+ (j using slip knot join to picot below, don't do a second half of double knot, pull shuttle to left to snug up knot as close as possible [left handers will pull shuttle to right to snug up slip knot] )
- 4 + - 4 + - 4 - 2 (picots should be directly above previous picots) *Ch 2 +
4 + - 4 + - 4 + - 4 - 2*
continue between * around. On last chain join to first picot before you form the last 2 double knots.

Top section Shuttle & ball You can add beads between rings in this row.
R 10-3-3-10. RW *Ch 3-3-3-3-3- 3 RW
R 10+ (to 3rd p of prev. R) 3-3-10.* Continue between *'s around until 15 rings & chains are formed, joining last ring to first. Leave 18" thread to lace. Row 2 Attach ball & shuttle to any center p. Ch 2-2+ (to next center p) around. Cut & tie to first p used. Lace together making as even as possible

Detailed Close-up Photos:

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