Daisy Ring Ornament

Thread: #12 Perle cotton or #40 Cordonnet, two shuttles
REQUIRES A KNOWLEDGE OF SPLIT RING TATTING. Daisies can be formed individually however.

Shuttle & ball of thread
Row l R12--(long picot) 12. RW
*Ch 14-10-10-14 RW
R12 + (j to long p) 12. RW* Continue between *'s until 5 rings and chains are formed, cut and tie to base of first ring.
Row 2 Use shuttle & ball. Wind about 1 yd. thread from ball onto shuttle for this row
Join to any p of row 1. Ch 7-7+ (to next p) continue around. Cut and tie.
Row 3 Use shuttle & ball
*R3-3-3+ (to p of row 2) 3-3-3. RW
Ch 3-3-3-3-3-3 RW* Continue between *'s around. Cut & Tie
Row 4 Repeat Row 3
Row 5 SPLIT RING ROW (6 petal daisies) Wrap 2 shuttles with continuous thread (Wrap first shuttle measuring amount of thread used, pull off that much thread from ball, cut and wrap second shuttle)

First daisy
lst petal S1 R3-6-6-3.
2, 3, & 4th petals R3+(j to 3rd p of prev. R) 6-6-3.
5th petal R3+ (as prev.) 6+ (to center p of row 4) 6-3.
6th S1 R3+ (as prev.) 6 Sh2 LHK 3+6 (j to p in first petal using skj)

1. Split ring S1 R6-3, S2 LHK 6-3 close ring with shuttle 1
2. S1 R3+ (as prev.) 6+ (to center p of chain in row 4) 3. RW
3. S2 DW R3+6+6-3 (j to prev. R, j to p in daisy, see picture)
4. S2 DW R3+ (as prev.) 6-6-3.
5. S2 DW R3+ (as prev.) 6-6-3.
6. SR S1 R3+ (j as prev.) 6 LHK 3+ (j to first petal using skj) 6. Close with shuttle 1.

Continue until 14 daisies are formed.
15th daisy. Form first petal using SR. cut off shuttle 2. Continue around making necessary joins with shuttle 1 only. Cut & tie.

Use shuttle & ball
R10-4-4-10. RW
*Ch 3-3-3-3-3-3 RW
R10+ (to last p of prev. R) 4-4-10. RW* Continue until 15 rings and chains are formed. Leaving 18" thread attached, cut and tie to base of first ring. Run fine line of glue down to center p and lace between daisy petals and center p's around.

Detailed Close-up Photos:

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