Windows & Wheels Ornament

These patterns were developed for intermediate tatters. Not a great beginner's project but a great challenge for someone who has been tatting for a while. I will be happy to answer any questions

Requires 2 shuttles with continuous thread (wind first shuttle measuring thread as you go along, pull off equal amount of thread and wind second shuttle, do not cut thread between shuttles), Size 12 Perle cotton or #40 Cebelia or Cordonnet.

Begin at center cloverleaf, bottom leaf
Shuttle l R6-6.RW
*Ch 6-6-6 RW
R 12-12. RW
Ch 18 + ( join w/ sk to center p of prev. R) p, 18 + (w/ sk to base of prev. R) RW
(Tatting is now upright, turn double ring down, you are heading back toward first Ring formed)
Ch 4-4-4 do not RW SS
Shuttle 2 R6 + (to p in first R formed - this will form 2nd leaf of cloverleaf, in rest of pattern, it will form third petal in cloverleaf-) 6. SS continue chain
Ch 4-4-4 + (j to p in top of double ring)
SS Shuttle 2 R 6-6. do not RW SS continue chain
Ch 4-4-4
SS Shuttle 2 R 6-6. SS continue chain
Ch 4-4-4 Join w/ sk at base of double rings. RW
Ch 6-6-6 RW
R 6+ (to prev. ring in chain) 6. RW*
Work between *'s to desired length or until it fits around ornament, joining last round to first.
Repeat pattern joining center top picots. I used 9 patterns on large ornament. You may use more or less depending on thread and how tightly you tat.

Bottom Shuttle only
36 (or number of patterns you made times 4) picots separated by 2 double knots, 2. Leave 20"
thread to lace bottom Slip into first p and lace bottom to every picot of bottom chain row.

Top Shuttle & ball
R10-5-5-10. RW
*Ch 6-6-6 RW
R10+(to last p of prev. R) 5-5-10. RW* Continue between *'s until 9 rings and chains are formed. Lace top to each picot in chain row going into top picot twice. Adjust laces until they are even. NOW get creative with the bottom. Use a needle and some of the thread to weave the bottom either in a spiral or join groups of threads together. It's great fun!

Detailed Close-up Photos:

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